Working with an Experienced Team

Our employees, cooperation partners and referees are assigned tasks that perfectly match their individual skills and experience to ensure the realization of the best possible solutions for our clients. In interdisciplinary teams they de-velop practicable solutions and – upon the client’s request – accompany their implementation. What counts for us are: outstanding performance, first-class professional training, social competence, entrepreneurial spirit and identification with our values and principles.

  • Mr. Winfried K. Dietz 2017-08-29
    德茨企业咨询CEO 及创始人 Dietz 先生拥有超过30年的质量相关经验,先后在不同公司担任工程专业质量总监、质量经理,在咨询领域他服务于不同的制造和服务业,包括汽车、医疗设备、工业产品和服务、消费产品、电子、航空、银行、销售、物流和实验室行业。
  • Mrs. Birgit Kaya 2017-08-29
    Birgit Kaya is a professional senior cosultant in risk management, quality mangement. She has more than 20 years experience in training and consluting.
  • Mrs. Lassie Li 2017-08-29
    Mrs. Lassie Li Over 15 years of experience in the industry automotive production, quality management, home appliance in international and national companies.
  • Mr. Jeff Sha 2019-07-15
  • Mrs. Phoenix Zhang 2017-09-12